Time Fly in Bubinga

24 450 Kč , plus Shipping

A king among kaleidoscopes! Modern kaleidoscope with futuristic and aerodynamic design is made of solid wood called Bubinga (a very hard tropical wood from Central Africa, which darkens over the time). It is a unique sculptural object. 
This kaleidoscope offers multi-sensual experience – a feast for the eyes, and silky feeling to the touch. The moving object chamber is filled with oil, which guarantees unique variations and flexibility of the images. The kaleidoscope uses a three-mirror system.
Henry Bergeson projects natural beauties, his passion for mechanics and his experience with engineering into his great designs. Surface finish and wood processing are on a very high level.

Approximate size: 25 x 38 x 29 (cm) or 9,8 x 15 x 11,4 (inch)

Not a toy. Not suitable for children 15 years old and younger. 

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