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A small-sized kaleidoscope from brass combined with cherry wood. Three-mirror system evokes the impression of simplicity and peace.
A convenient design by Sheryl Koch uses two interchangeable and independently turning wheels and enables quick change only by unscrewing the knob, trading the wheels and screwing the knob back. The wheels are made from stained glass and beads. This system offers an infinite number of beautiful images, created by light and colours.
Part of the kaleidoscope is a design base, where it waits to become your guide to the enchanting world of images and colours. The spare wheel is kept safe inside this base, which makes another beautiful artistic impression.
Sheryl Koch marks each of her products with the author’s signature and the year of production.  

Approximate size: 6 x 13 x 17,5 (cm) or 2,4 x 5,1 x 6,9 (inch)

Not a toy. Not suitable for children 15 years old and younger. 

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