Egg with Rosewood Base solid

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A small-sized kaleidoscope made of laminate by an American company N&J Enterprises in a hue of deep pink wood with a high gloss finish. It will certainly liven up your desk and bring everyday delight. The eyepiece and the ring are made of brass. The patterns are created by the movement of beads and a three-mirror system. The kaleidoscope is also very pleasant to touch.
Part of the kaleidoscope is also a base from the same material as the kaleidoscope itself. The bottom of the base is covered with a layer of felt to protect the surface.

Approximate size: 5,5 x 8,5 x 5,5 (cm) or 2,1 x 3,3 x 2,1 (inch)

Not a toy. Not suitable for children 15 years old and younger. 

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