Delivery and payment methods

Via Czech Post:

Parcel Delivery to Hand
It will be delivered to you wherever you are. You will be informed in advance via SMS or e-mail about the expected date/time of delivery. 

Benefits of Parcel Delivery to Hand

You can change the time or manner of delivery via online application. Czech Post will inform you about the expected date and time of delivery already on the day of posting. Afternoon delivery is available in certain cities; you will be telephonically informed in advance about the time of delivery. You can watch the parcel from dispatch to delivery with the Track&Trace service on Czech Post website. In case the delivery attempt fails, your parcel will be deposited at the nearest depositing post office.

  • If the delivery attempt fails, the postman will drop a notice about your parcel into your letter box.
  • The notice you will find in your letter box includes contact information and telephone of the depositing post office.
  • You can personally pick up the parcel or ask the post office for a repeated delivery which will be delivered in an arranged day during the ordinary delivery round.
  • If you do not pick up your parcel within 7 calendar days, the parcel is automatically sent back to the sender.

Parcel Delivery to Post Office

Use Parcel Delivery to Post Office for delivery of your consignment to any of more than 2,700 of the Czech post offices of your choice. You can pick up the parcel whenever it is convenient for you. Thanks to SMS or email notification you will know when it arrives at the post office.

Benefits of Parcel Delivery to Post Office

You needn't worry about being at a certain time at a certain place – you will simply pick up your parcel at the receiving post office at a time that suits you. You can simply select a receiving post office. You will receive an SMS or e-mail alert already on the day of posting and a repeated SMS or email alert when the parcel arrives to the receiving post office. You can watch the parcel from dispatch to delivery with the Track&Trace service on Czech Post website.

The conditions for delivery within EU conform to the conditions of shipping of Czech Post. Within the Slovak Republic it is available to send a parcel with Cash on Delivery service

Via PPL delivery service:

PPL delivery service delivers your parcel on the following working day on an address of your choice anywhere in the Czech Republic. You will be informed about the dispatch via e-mail and SMS. In case you choose the delivery via PPL, it is necessary to fill in an address where you are available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If this address is your working address, it is necessary to fill in also the address and name of the employer. Cash on delivery is possible, you can pay the PPL driver in cash or by card. All drivers are equipped with mobile payment terminals.

Personal Pick-Up:

You can personally collect your order after previous telephone arrangement. Our contact address is: náměstí ČSA 35, Moravské Budějovice, Czech Republic, 2nd floor.  We will try to adapt to your time options. The collection is free of charge.

Oversize and valuable packages:

In case of delivering oversized or valuable orders, we will contact you to arrange the manner of delivery by phone.

Delivery outside the Czech Republic:

In case you are interested in purchasing our products and their delivery outside the Czech Republic, please contact us. We will prepare a proposition for you with possible manners of delivery along with the price list.